Blessed Mixed Bead Bracelet Stack

Blessed Mixed Bead Bracelet Stack - This stack of bracelets contains seven separate bracelets. You can choose to wear them together (as seen in the pictures) or wear them in twos, threes or individually.  The stacks come in black, turquoise, and coral. Each bracelet is different from the next in this bracelet stack. Two of the bracelets come with messages engraved on a flat gold pebble.  The rest of the bracelets are a mix of gold beads and clearcolored (either black, turquoise or coral depending on your choice) beads.


This stack is great for spicing up your outfit no matter where you're going. It is also a great choice for friendship bracelets because there are 7 pieces. You can share the stack amongst your friends or your family for a simple yet impactful gift.